Sick of Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are often out of date documents focused on tasks and minimum requirements rather than factors that will drive success. They are full of generic verbiage like “other duties as required” and “excellent communication skills” rather than copy that will be of interest to a candidate and cause them to respond.

Today’s job seekers are savvy and do not respond to tired and generic job postings. You’re not going to hire someone who can’t effectively communicate or won’t do other duties when requested.

Job descriptions are your first impression to potential team members. Attracting great talent requires painting a picture with your description. A 2017 study  by Stack Overflow of 64,000 technical professionals uncovered that the most important things to top performers are

  • Compensation
  • Commute
  • Flexibility
  • Career Growth potential.
  • Corporate Culture.
  • Technologies being used.

We work with you to understand what will make a new team member successful, what opportunities you offer that will be important to attracting a great pool of candidates, and craft a job description designed to build a pipeline of top talent that is unlikely to respond to a common job description.