Cure Hiring Headaches

We’re the Certified Experts
Every member of our account team holds a CPSAE certification from the TechServe Alliance. This is our industry’s professional certification program and demonstrates our commitment to employing industry best practices and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Cure for the Common Description

Often job descriptions are your first impression to potential team members. Many times descriptions are not written with attraction in mind. We can help you attracting great talent by ditching the description and painting a word picture of what you have to offer.

Data Driven Decision Making

Metric-driven recruiting processes means bringing you a consistent flow of well-qualified and vetted candidates. Our COMPAS Recruiting Agency Analytics platform provides us access to accurate and powerful data so we can monitor our performance and drive quality candidates to your desktop.

Save Time Interviewing

In the five minutes you can meet candidates and have them answer targeted interview questions.

Predictive Analytics

Getting notification when someone might be ready to consider a change gives you a competitive advantage. Especially if the candidate isn’t even aware they’re about to look.