Our Clients, Our
Consultants, Their Words

We can talk about our process, our quality talent and our focus on relationships, but ultimately what defines RiverPoint is the success of our clients and consultants. Here’s what they have to say about working with us and the results we deliver:


“We have a long history working with RiverPoint to identify the right resources for a number of critical projects and sporadic staff augmentation. They have consistently responded to our needs very quickly and with screened candidates. RiverPoint has a relationship with us that allows them to know exactly which skill sets are needed and to assess which personality type will be most successful here.”
—Gary Woehlke, Komatsu America

“The quality of RiverPoint applicants far exceeds those I have received from other staffing firms.”
—Chris Valdez, Manager IT, QTS


“I was impressed with the fact that my RiverPoint recruiter did take time to get to know me and gained a good understanding of my skills and experience. Other organizations I have spoken to were more of a “fly by” discussion lasting 20-30 minutes, so I truly appreciate the additional time they spent with me.”
—Joe M., Development Manager

“Thanks for always shooting straight and for sticking with me.”
— Darin N., Web Developer

“I appreciate my RiverPoint recruiter helping me through the transition, search and rebounding.”
—Mark L., IT Department Manager

“I’ve worked with other recruiting companies in the past and RiverPoint has the best people!”
—Kim K., Digital Marketing Analyst 

“RiverPoint has never wasted my time and always contacts me with jobs I’m interested in. RiverPoint is the first recommendation I give to anyone seeking a new job and I’ve always been so impressed with the way they work with me.”
—Andy Q., Systems Administrator

“I’m definitely a RiverPoint evangelist and strongly push everyone I meet who would be a good candidate to contact you. Given the opportunity, I would very much like to work with RiverPoint again.”
—Anthony P., Web Developer

“RiverPoint is great to work with! I will not hesitate to recommend you guys to people in the future.”
—Val B., Web Developer

“The RiverPoint team was instrumental in my getting the position, and I truly appreciate all the positive energy, direction and support they provided along the way. I have always enjoyed my time working with RiverPoint, and will continue to recommend the company to everyone I meet.”
—Steven L., Systems Architect

“RiverPoint is absolutely the best firm I’ve dealt with and asking around, they seem to be the consensus best from all the consultants here. I always send any technical people looking for jobs your way.”
—Tom C., Lead Systems Administrator

“I’ve now dealt with three different recruiting firms directly, and RiverPoint really does stand out as significantly different and superior. Definitely for my needs, but I suspect for the hiring companies’ needs as well. I’m very glad that I got involved with RiverPoint and I definitely recommend their services.”
—Baer K., Senior Web Designer

“I’ve had such a great time being part of the RiverPoint team! And in case you don’t hear it enough, I think you are ALL WONDERFUL!! I’ve heard some horror stories from other contractors regarding their consulting companies and I’ve always been so proud to say that I’ve never had a single issue with mine! So I thank RiverPoint for that and, more importantly, thank them for being so supportive!!”
—Mari L., Business Analyst

“I am impressed and happy that RiverPoint found me, as the experience with RiverPoint has been delightful in comparison to what I have been exposed to in other contracting firms.”
—Lorna S., Project Manager

“During my job search I have had the opportunity to work with several agencies and found RiverPoint to be the best I have worked with. They are well organized and work hard to prep you for an interview, and then follow up afterwards to see how things went.”
—Eric T., Project Manager

“RiverPoint has been a first-class organization over the past three years that I’ve been affiliated with you, and I will highly, highly recommend RiverPoint to my friends and colleagues.”
—Kyle M., Project Manager

“RiverPoint’s IT staffing service has been an effective vehicle for my career. They worked relentlessly to find the right opportunity for me. I would recommend their services for any professional seeking new challenges and rewards.”
—Karrie M., Programmer Analyst

“I am very satisfied with my RiverPoint experience. Before, I was afraid of working as a contractor, but RiverPoint changed my mind with that by explaining how it works and future opportunities in detail. Everyone was very friendly and got all the paperwork and other necessary stuff on track with no hiccups. In addition, the recruiting managers are really knowledgeable and analyze the job requirements and candidate skills very well.”
—Cafer A.