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Market How Consumers Behave Digitally

As consumers increasingly represent much of their social life and retail shopping within their unique digital persona, successful brands are faced with a complex business requirement of navigating the blurring lines between paid and earned media. In many cases, it is not one approach over another, but a smart mix, or hybrid approach of both, that drives the best overall results. Consumers typically propagate ‘positive or negative’ brand and product experiences within a social setting and purchase more often when exposed to targeted personalized paid media.

RiverPoint Solutions Group delivers both paid and earned media capabilities as part of our multichannel marketing solution. Additionally, our experts help marketers design, build, test and execute paid and earned media programs which are integrated across owned media enabling a holistic brand marketing perspective.

  • Audience development and targeting enables powerful selection of consumers by integrating 1st party customer behavior, 2nd party shared-customer pairing behavior with 3rd party digital behavioral attribution
  • Additionally, it integrates to data management platforms (DMPs) ensuring accurate and actionable cross-device intelligence and digital identifications
  • Audience execution enables developed audiences to be delivered through Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) typically programed in a real-time bidding format across available publisher ad inventories
  • Audience analysis and intelligence enables insights across a variety of cloud end points including data sources listening for social sentiment (and an example) and gauging brand experiences (website feedback) across devices as represented in blogs, social networks, photo sharing, product/services reviews, video sharing, social bookmarking and gaming

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