Marketing Resource Management

Empowering Organizations through Process Optimization

As marketing becomes more complex and greater demands are placed on marketers to drive more strategic, customer-based initiatives, their reliance upon centralized and automated systems increases.

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is software infrastructure that empowers organizations to be able to better plan, budget, control, and track their marketing campaigns. MRM allows marketers to optimize virtually all their processes ensuring that scarce resources such as funding and personnel are put to their best use.

RiverPoint Solutions Group specializes in the implementation and configuration of MRM capabilities providing a collaborative framework where marketers are able to:

  • Develop workflows where project tasks are assigned and approvals to marketing initiatives are captured and stored
  • Implement repeatable and automated processes in order to accelerate time to market, institute best practices and streamline campaign delivery
  • Maintain ongoing real-time visibility into their marketing initiatives
  • Automate communications internally and with outside vendors ensuring campaigns stay on schedule and bottlenecks are minimized
  • House “approved” creative work and assets in a central repository where they can be easily accessed

MRM provides a platform for both high-level marketing planning and day to day marketing execution. It ensures that strategic goals and marketing activities, along with their financial allocations are aligned and tracked. MRM results in greater collaboration, operating efficiencies, transparency, speed to market and ultimately marketing ROI.

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