Proximity Based Marketing

Market Where Consumers Are

Brands continue to strive to deliver contextually relevant marketing anywhere, anytime. Key to this strategy is location. Proximity based marketing is driven by location, the critical consumer behavior whether for understanding mobile consumers with analytics or motivating mobile consumers with advertising.

Successful companies deploy brand strategies designed to reach consumers anywhere and to know in real time when a consumer is in a prime area to be engaged. Specifically, they determine when specific consumers enter or exit a geo-fenced boundary enabling real-time personalized mobile messages to drive desired consumer behaviors. Additionally, within a store, brands understand shopper location to drive real-time analytics and mobile messages, they can analyze and act on dwell time and related sales volumes and finally, they can unify a consumer’s online and in-store behavior for a holistic profile and more accurate analysis

RiverPoint Solutions Group delivers location-based mobile marketing capabilities as part of our multichannel marketing solution. Additionally, our experts help marketers design, build, test and execute mobile marketing programs.

  • Mobile Website – Trigger targeted notifications to drive desired website experiences. Execute real-time segmentation and engagement of your mobile site visitors
  • Mobile Application Push – Deliver contextually relevant dynamic messages based on consumer segments, triggering location or event. Drive consumers deeper into the application, view mobile websites, click to call and take social actions
  • Mobile Email – Design, test, preview render and deliver personalized email messages optimized for mobile devices
  • Mobile Messaging – deliver messages globally, provision short codes and assist carrier approvals to enable one-way and two-way SMS and MMS messages


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