Multichannel Marketing

Harness the Power of Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is all about choice. Consumers now have the ability to engage with your brand, in the manner of their choosing, at all stages of the customer journey. The proliferation of channels used by consumers, both off-line and on-line, gives them more control over the buying process and allows them to evaluate your brand at every touchpoint.

Empowered consumers are creating massive data streams. To remain competitive your organization needs to be able to harness and collate the many disparate data points being generated from separate software solutions, into a single platform. And, you need to remain agile enough to be able to deliver the most relevant message or offer, in a personalized manner, through exactly the right channel at the very moment that a consumer is ready to engage with your brand.

RiverPoint Solutions Group partners with marketing and IT teams in the management and implementation of multichannel marketing infrastructure and solutions. Our solutions experts can work with your organization to:

  • Implement a multichannel platform that allows you to streamline data, enabling continuous engagement with personalized marketing
  • Create and maintain a single view of the customer, so you understand their value to your organization and how they interact with you across multiple channels
  • Make insightful decisions about the most effective offer or message to present to a customer during a live, real-time interaction or at another point in time, using exactly the right channel
  • Shift from generic marketing to an ongoing dialogue with millions of individualized messages that drive response rates, loyalty and marketing ROI

At RiverPoint, we are committed to making our clients successful. We tailor solutions that fit your needs and are able to draw upon our vast experiences and knowledge base to resolve even the most complex of challenges. We empower organizations to make the most of their marketing efforts while reducing costs and driving profits.


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