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Multichannel Campaigns Made Easy for Local Marketers

Local marketing is challenging for those who have the part-time responsibility for marketing. They may be franchise owners, agents, financial advisors or property owners who have strong management expertise but little marketing knowledge. Corporate marketing must make it simple and easy for local field marketers to adhere to brand standards while executing multichannel campaigns and making the offers relevant to their customers at a local level.

Successful companies recognize they must enable their local marketers with the flexibility to modify content with simple, personalized content choices while adhering to the brand standards. The local owners must also have the flexibility to use corporate marketing lists while being able to safeguard their personal customer lists in a cohesive contact strategy. The combination of personalized, localized content and complete, permissioned customer lists combined in a simple to execute multichannel campaign can deliver the personalized marketing experience that customers expect.

RiverPoint delivers comprehensive localized marketing solutions with a unique combination of digital asset management and distributed marketing product capabilities. Our solution gives the marketers significant flexibility to select targets for corporate-driven campaigns as well as customize and tailor initiatives that can be run locally — all the while, staying within guidelines set by corporate marketing.

  • Centrally control branding, business rules, and messaging while letting local representatives tailor the final lists and messaging
  • Field marketers use a private branded web portal to create and execute their own on-demand campaigns by customizing content, identifying targets and selecting local or centralized fulfillment
  • Allows field marketers to create simple lists by defining selection criteria, adjusting list members and analyzing existing lists via reports
  • Field marketers can subscribe to campaigns executed by corporate headquarters by selecting campaigns relevant to their local needs and subscribing their customers
  • All campaigns leverage best-practice workflows, alerts, approvals and security as defined by the central marketing organization
  • Real-time portal that displays dashboard view of field marketers’ lists, campaigns, calendar and reports
  • Informative, color-coded calendar with quick and advanced search capabilities to give anyone an overview of campaigns by brand, business unit, product, target audience or other dimension


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