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Consumers have become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of outbound brand marketing efforts and, as a result, traditional marketing ROI has suffered. To counter this trend, brands are improving outbound to become more interactive and recognizing the inherent value of connecting with consumers on their own terms and during those moments when consumers directly contact them.

Successful companies deploy interactive brand strategies that must encompass most if not all inbound touchpoints and ensure a personalized and consistent experience over time. It is critical that brands manage similar levels of personalization for both identified known consumers as well as anonymous consumers.

RiverPoint delivers real-time interactive marketing capabilities as part of our multichannel marketing solution. Additionally, our experts help marketers design, build, test and execute interactive marketing programs across any digital channel.

  • Multichannel – interactive personalization for web, mobile web, mobile application push, display ads, call center, voice response, point of sale, kiosks, ATMs and more
  • Patterns – individual consumer behaviors over time are captured, analyzed and used for real time personalization
  • Self-Learning – Bayesian algorithms are used to enable self-learning, best applied to anonymous visitors and drives towards optimization of acceptance rates. It prevents overwhelming bias and avoids over learning. Ultimately it optimizes the value of the offer and the likely acceptance rate

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