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Digital messaging, typically in the form of email, text and rich text across any device anywhere, has been the universally accepted medium for electronic communications. Brands and consumers continue to build on this long history of digital messaging to stay in touch, provide value add services and feedback loops, and as a personalized and pervasive method of sales execution. Those brands that have gone beyond the simplistic single email channel to a multi-channel approach yield not only greater consumer engagement, but stronger more sustainable sales results.

Successful companies expand their digital messaging narrative beyond email and across all touch points. Additionally, as consumers interact with email, they expect that presented content is relevant. For example, the ability to render the correct message or offer to a consumer who takes five days to open an email is critical. Email marketing requires the highest degree of expertise to ensure proper audience selection, delivery success, accurate messaging and offers, clean and provocative imagery and easy response click-through journeys. Brands must meet their consumer’s expectations especially in the more mature digital messaging marketing and sales business.

RiverPoint delivers comprehensive digital messaging capabilities as part of our multichannel marketing solution. Additionally, our experts help marketers design, build, test and execute successful digital messaging programs.

  • Email capabilities – Powerful audience selection, easy drag and drop email designer, A/B auto-winner, holistic rendering, optimized cross channel messages, domain and IP setups, whitelist and feedback loops, mail throttling and authentication management
  • Email engagement – superior segmentation and targeting, real-time inbox individualized personalization, connected cross channel remarketing, deep instrumentation and reporting covering remarketing campaigns, customer service, transactional email, social sharing and RSS to email


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