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Harness the Potential of Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics empowers marketers by providing them with insights and information that can enhance decision making, drive brand loyalty and build more profitable relationships with their customers.

RiverPoint’s solutions experts work closely with our partners in implementing and configuring marketing analytics that drive performance in the following areas:

  • Customer analytics is essential to ensuring that your organization is sending the right message to the right customers at exactly the right time. It enables you to target customers with highly relevant, personalized messages across the various media platforms that resonate most profoundly with them. Customer analytics solutions provide organizations with a deeper understanding of their customer base allowing them to maximize customer lifetime value, drive greater brand loyalty and ultimately profits
  • Marketing performance analytics provides marketers with a platform for measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns. By implementing a series of standard metrics, KPIs and other measurement criteria, marketers can gain an immediate understanding of campaign performance when analyzing reports, dashboards and other analytical tools
  • Social media analytics is essential in order to garner key insights about your brand, customers and the competition. It enables organizations to mine customer sentiment and to deploy promotions that resonate with social media participants
  • Predictive analytics extracts information from structured and unstructured data in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes. It employs statistical analysis, data mining, real-time scoring and decision management in order to forecast future trends and results


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