On-Premise Implementation

80+ On-Premise Implementations To Date

Our on-premise implementation methodology has been consistently executed on over 80+ implementations at our marketing clients since 2005. It contains all of the tasks, deliverables, risk mitigation and timeline control to effectively implement multichannel marketing solutions on-time and on-budget. The phase summary below is directly reflected in the phases/tasks of the associated project plan for implementation:

  • The Assessment phase is completed first where there is a review of the project requirements, assessment of the marketing and technical needs of the customer, and then an agreement on the scope of the project in terms of campaigns/communications/interactive strategies to be implemented.
  • The Installation phase implements the software in the development and production environments. In this phase, RiverPoint will install the software into your on-premise environment adhering to your infrastructure and IT requirements.
  • The Design phase has two major objectives: educate the core project team in all of the capabilities of the software and to map the customer’s unique requirements to software capabilities. The marketers will participate in Design Workshops facilitated by RiverPoint that trains them in the capabilities of each of the components of the software, then map the requirements to those capabilities, and produce a design document for the configuration.
  • The Development phase will build all of the solution components uniquely to the requirements of the customer and project. RiverPoint will lead and mentor the marketers through the building and configuring of the multi-channel marketing environment (campaigns, decisioning logic, digital assets, interactive strategies, technical integrations, etc) to incorporate the detail marketing strategies that complete the solution.
  • The Testing phase incorporates all of the tasks to verify the system integration within the on-premise environment and to execute the marketing strategies according to the system testing cases. After success system verification, the solution is enabled for user acceptance testing to ensure proper execution from an end customer view.
  • The Implementation phase is the coordination of all components being put into the production environment, the manual verification of the production marketing strategies, and then the coordinated go-live implementation of the complete solution in the production environment. The production environment is monitored very closely after go live until final sign-offs and project closure are performed.
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