Private Marketing Cloud

True Enterprise Marketing at the Speed and Price of the Cloud

All too often marketers have been forced to choose between the traditional on-premise hardware software big project solution and now a plethora of SaaS marketing solutions. Assuming the buyer requires the core marketing system backbone and not just one specific point capability, the trade-offs between these two decisions are pretty clear.

On-premise solutions represent mature software suites that provide more capabilities, deeper functionality, commercial grade scalability primarily focused on orchestrating messaging across ‘owned’ channels and initially costs more. SaaS solutions, on the other hand, are not as mature and typically focus more narrowly on a specific marketing function. When they do cover a larger scope of marketing activities, they provide relatively shallow functionality, have limited scalability for deep analytical work but are easy to use. Of course some of these perceived SaaS weaknesses are also lures for new buyers. Lower up-front costs, quicker time to market and simplicity with ‘just enough functionality’ are attractive.

Enter, the RiverPoint Private Marketing Cloud with the cost, speed to market and functionality of enterprise software delivered at the speed of SaaS!

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