In Their Own Words

We can talk about our experience, our knowledge or our team, but ultimately what defines RiverPoint is the success of our clients.

Here is what they have to say about working with us:

“With the information gathered from our EMM solutions, we are able to more accurately understand our members’ needs, allowing us to communicate more efficiently and successfully with our diverse target audiences. RiverPoint was crucial in leading us through the implementation and best practices in using our EMM solution…”
—COO, National Healthcare Association

“Thank you for the successful and speedy integration, we certainly could not have completed it without your expertise and guidance.”
—Program Manager, International Airline Company

“I wanted to follow up with big thank-you on the implementation of the 3rd Loyalty type that went live last week… The process is running well and we are right on track… You guys rock! Nice job!”
—Manager Loyalty, Global Food Service Company

“As you all know EMM is very special to me and you all did a great job implementing it, as a lot of folks have said, this was probably the best implementation we have done… RiverPoint did an amazing job with this project and it has been recognized from a lot of people in IT and the business unit.”
—Director, National Power Company

“Congratulations to all who were involved … our solution has been nominated for an IBM MSA award… This is truly an accomplishment for us and RiverPoint…”
—CMO, National Marketing Association

“Our Interactive Campaign Management Project has been implemented to production successfully early this morning. Thank you very much for your contribution, guidance and support to make this another successful release. Again, we couldn’t have done this without your help!”
—Program Manager, International Car Rental Company

“Another homerun! …Our third EMM product implementation and we just keep getting better. Looking forward to adding Interact soon!”
—Marketing Manager, Regional Credit Union

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